Hebei Pro West County bearing industry upgrading achieve "triple jump"

Publish Date 2018-09-28
Began in the 1970s Hebei Pro West County bearing industry, initially in small family workshops as the main mode to extensive processing as the main format. In forty years of ups and downs, the West County bearing industry experienced a "re-new the old", "processing and assembly", "large-scale production," "brand to create" spiral stage of development, and today has been achieved small to large, never parts processing to independent innovation, from extensive to intensive development of production and operation of the great transmutation. "Hebei Demonstration industrial clusters of SMEs", "bearing manufacturing county in Hebei Province", "distribution base in North China's largest bearing", "China Bearing town" ...... bearing industry has become a resounding LinXi investment "business card", Fumin County's "trump card."

Industrial scale development and growth. The county has 402 bearing production and processing enterprises, all kinds of production and processing equipment 68 200 units (sets of pieces), can produce 0-9 class over 3000 types of bearings. Employing 60,000 people, the annual production capacity of 720 million sets. 2012 investment in fixed assets 3.62 billion yuan, sales income of 13.26 billion yuan, the added value of 3.41 billion yuan, taxes of 206 million yuan, accounting for two-thirds of county revenue.

Sales network throughout the country. Pro West at large and medium-sized cities have opened bearing more than 14,000 professional distribution outlets across the country, near to Shandong far to Qinghai, Tibet, can be found in the Pro West bearing and sales outlets Pro West bearing stores.

"Across the sea" earn Yangqian. The county has a bearing 46 export enterprises, including 32 self-export enterprises, products exported to Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Germany and other 57 countries and regions. 2012 exports totaled 406 million yuan, the direct export $ 28 million, an increase of 20.9%, the formation of "selling all over the country, to the world," the sales network.

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