Great Fun Information Management Northwest bearing low sell high

Publish Date 2018-09-28
From the end of last year to the end of May, priced to sell at Northwest Bearing (000,595, closing price 5.59 yuan) chips, the Great Wall and information management to participate in the post immediately Northwest bearing "debt-equity swaps," the scheduled increase.

Northwest bearing Aug. 1 announcement shows that in order to improve the status of running high debt, to be increased by the constant "debt-equity swaps" means major shareholders
Related stock movements

Northwest bearing 5.73 +0.183.24%
Yueyang Hengli 4.31 +0.061.41%

And two shareholders transfusion. The company plans to issue shares not more than 4800 million, set by the price of 4.93 yuan / share, raising total no more than 237 million yuan, and the two major shareholders of shares set by the shareholders within 36 months shall not be transferable. The company will be increasing the debt in exchange for the two shareholders, including major shareholders pagoda Petrochemical 60 million yuan of debt, as well as two shareholder-owned tube 237 million yuan Wall debt.

"Daily Economic News" reporter noted that, as Northwest bearing two shareholders, the Great Wall and information management from the end of last year on the continued reduction in the hands of chips. From December 27 2012 to March 28, 2013, the Great Wall of five total holdings of Information Management Northwest bearing 1512.91 million shares. According to Reporters statistics, this reduction of five times the average transaction price of 7 yuan / share to bottom.

Incidentally, low price high cash after he added in a low fixed positions through the Great Wall and information management can be described as beats.

Great information management the capability not stop there. May 15, 2006, due to three consecutive losses, * ST Hengli (Yueyang Hengli's predecessor) to suspend the listing. April 29, 2007, the Great Wall of Information Management and Yueyang City SASAC reached an agreement on the debt instead of * ST Hengli Group successfully repaid 23,478,600 yuan in exchange for the Yueyang Municipal SASAC held * ST Hengli stake.

November 21, 2012, from the * ST Hengli December 31 delisting deadline only 41 days, the Great Wall Information Management Waiver * ST Hengli 33.8483 million yuan, for the generation of all the non-tradable share reform on the price paid to the shareholders, the share reform * ST Hengli completion of paving the way for re-listing. After the implementation of the share reform, the Great Wall holds a total of Information Management * ST Hengli 3103.3347 million shares, the third largest shareholder. * ST Hengli resumption date, the stock was soaring over 600%.

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