Pro West bearing industry accelerated transformation(2)

Publish Date 2018-09-28
Pro West bearing industry as the country's accelerated transition bearing industry "big three" Harbin Bearing Group, one of the most advanced production line of forging launch Pro West. This investment of 450 billion big project is completed, will become the country's largest car and precision bearing forging base. Relying on advanced technology and equipment, forging production capacity from 20 sets per minute, to 180 units, to enhance the efficiency of about 9 times, which is the upgrading of local enterprises bearing is a powerful promotion.

Pro West grasp this opportunity to encourage enterprises to carry out technological transformation and innovation, a number of sophisticated, high technology, high value-added products to the fore. Currently, the county has 50 bearing manufacturing enterprises through the international quality system certification, 42 distribution companies to obtain independent export rights, production of more than 100 kinds of bearing products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other more than 50 countries and regions, including carbon steel bearing products, exports accounted for 90% of total sales.

Production factors to attract high-end professional market's ability to continue to release aggregate. In the Pro West, the country's first international exhibition center bearing has put into use. The only bearing test center in North China under construction, plans to put into use before the end. Pro West and Luoyang Bearing Research Institute also reached an agreement, the joint founder of bearing R & D center provided by the Pro West places and funding, the other accredited researchers, cooperative development, pro rata share R & D results, is expected to be put into operation next year. Pro West will rely on these three centers, to further enhance the quality of bearing products, reputation and market share, accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading.

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