Great super precision bearing products in Japan

Publish Date 2018-09-28
The first half of this year, Suzhou Tongrun drive tractors Order Equipment Inc. sales grew 45%. This is the company with upstream supporting enterprise CSC Bearing Co., seamless results.

Suzhou Tongrun driven equipment Co., Ltd., Zhang He said that through the play a "neighbor advantage" to promote the local industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises to establish strategic alliances of mutual cooperation, complementary advantages and resource sharing, bring win-win development. CSC Bearing Co., Ltd. is responsible for the supply of tractors bearing, not only can completely replace imported from Japan, and the performance indicators better than the imported bearings.

Currently, the Great Wall bearing annual supply tractor bearing capacity of 14 million units, accounting for about 10% of sales. These products achieve the Suzhou TONGRUN main products bearing tractor supply a full replacement. Compared to the past, Suzhou Tongrun tractors imported from Japan bearing wall bearing delivery time period is short, fast response, good service capabilities, along with low noise, high performance, good stability and other advantages, the Suzhou Tongrun traction machine products in the market to enhance performance while more competitive.

Tractor bearing in the bearing areas are high-end products, with Suzhou Tongrun supporting cooperation Wall bearing itself significantly enhance the level of scientific and technological innovation, product structure was further optimized. CSC Bearing that in 2006 the first attempt to produce tractors bearing, using their own R & D center, the company with the collaborative enterprise "near abroad advantage", and Suzhou Tongrun technical staff constantly communicate together to overcome technical difficulties, and each year take tractor bearing products to the national testing center for standard testing, continued product durability, anti-spill, installation and other aspects of improvement and upgrading. So far, the Great Wall bearings have been gradually developed over 10 new products bearing to further expand its market share. Tractor bearing industry has become a high-end products, accuracy class than the Japanese imported bearings.

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