Love innovative technical experts

Publish Date 2018-09-28
In the humming factories, the reporter saw Wang Zhixin master, he reveals a guileless smile: "I'm wiping her hands again and shake your hand." This "model worker", "Longjiang technical experts," the first sentence to make people feel extra special.

Wang Zhixin since the age of 18 to work here, has been in 20 years. He constantly studying spirit of innovation, so that people around admiration.

By the end of 2007, a small cone branch received the Great Wall Motor Company gearbox bearing orders. Gearbox bearing is a "light series bearing products" in the course of operation of CNC machine tools, easily the old-fashioned "three-point" claw clip deformation. Wang Zhixin pondering new "tricks", successfully designed a "full clip claw", not only to avoid light series bearings are damaged during the operation of CNC machine tools deformation, but also a significant reduction in production costs.

Wang Zhixin of the "tricks" special and more like this improved technology innovation, he has been declared more than 30, has won the innovation award units. In particular he was involved in the development of the "Great Wall Motor bearing groove location process" by Heilongjiang Provincial Machinery Industry Technology Association awarded the "Outstanding Achievement Award Process Science and Technology."

2011, the company undertaking the processing of high-speed rail bearings important task. Previous machining lathe bearings, a batch production cycle takes about 15 days. The tight schedule, decided to branch bearing professional lathe to complete. Wang received a new trial where the team task, he pondering new "tricks." Wang Zhixin read drawings, together with the company's technology center for machining processes comrades, process was re-enacted, and deploy the best combination of personnel, the production cycle shortened to five days. Wang Zhixin also in Heilongjiang Province, "eight economic zones, ten construction labor competition" was named "innovation experts."

Today, 38-year-old Wang Zhixin is "worker technician" title this year, soon to be promoted to "senior technician." In early 2011, he was the city industrial assets of the company as a "highly skilled." In April, he was involved in developing writing "double row tapered roller bearing outer ring plastic hardening process," in the "Harbin Bearing" journals, has been recognized by the judges. Not long ago, he also won the Provincial Labor and Social Security Department awarded the "Longjiang technical experts" title.

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