False twister bearing production process to improve production efficiency

Publish Date 2018-09-28
False twister bearing in addition to ensure its accuracy to achieve the desired design, but in use, the height position of the positioning ring friction disk directly affects the mounting height, so this request is also very strict.

Hengyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. in the bearing assembly process of the positioning ring press-fitting method, a series of research and improvement, this technique is currently nearly maturing.

Quantified by using the dial gauge assembly trip with a pass rate of 96% or more, at the same time saving assembly time, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, saving production costs. Meanwhile the new press-fit processes read: Preload → press fit into a predetermined margin size → press fitted into place → test → re-pressed. Wherein the step of positioning the preload ring positioned on the proximal surface of the mandrel, and ensure that the concentricity of the shaft hole and the end surface and the vertical axis line; increased pressure with a predetermined margin size process, that the bearing pressure with to (12.5 ± 0.025) mm before to reserve a certain margin, then press-fit into place added pressure process technology in the original vertical screw press-fit method to the horizontal screw press-fit method.

In the press-fit process, when the probe in contact with the left end face of the bearing outer ring, the force of rotating the handle at this time is not too large, to observe the thousands that value, to set the range to, or continue by force, will be less than (12.5 ± 0.025) mm in size, causing the size tolerance. Through the false twister bearing positioning ferrule assembly methods and assembly tooling to improve, so press-fit tooling simple structure, easier to process. Horizontal tooling only operator side force, compared to the vertical force, raising his hand tooling, more conducive to the operation and reduce labor intensity. Because dial gauge readings hit the table, this technology will be required to quantify, is conducive to a one-time processing of the product in place, improve product yield and production efficiency, suitable for mass production.

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