Our Country Will Continue to Increase Demand For High-end Fasteners

Publish Date 2018-09-28
"Fasteners in the market, also known as standard parts, is two or more parts (or components) as a whole when fastening used the general term for a class of mechanical parts which are widely used in various kinds of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tooling, equipment, instruments and supplies such as the above. "International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold that now with the development of China's manufacturing industry, fasteners as large amount of import and export products, to achieve international standards, the promotion of Chinese fastener enterprises to the world, to promote the full participation of fastener enterprises international cooperation and competition are having with important practical significance and strategic significance. Since each specific fastener product specifications, dimensions, tolerances, weight, performance, surface conditions, marking methods, and acceptance inspection, marking and packaging project specific requirements, is required in several countries, respectively (industry) standard , for example, British, German and U.S. manufacturing.

Machinery industry is a major user of fasteners. As China's machinery industry machine parts in the important position of understanding late, chronic lack of investment, resulting in the entire industry a poor foundation and weak strength. Especially with the Chinese host level, machine parts behind the host bottlenecks increasingly apparent. In recent years, although the introduction of technology, technological innovation, scientific research and development, the state gave some support, but with the current level of market demand and abroad, there is still not a small gap, in particular in: less product variety, low level the quality of instability, early failure rate, poor reliability.

As a mechanical fastener industry is mainly based products, machinery and industrial development, but also put forward higher requirements fastener products. Luo Baihui that the current domestic ordinary standard fasteners have been over-supply of high-grade fasteners (high temperature, shaped, titanium, plastic composite, special features and other fasteners) in short supply, but also rely on imports. National Machinery Bureau of the "common standard fasteners" as limiting the development of products, "high-strength special fasteners" as this encourages the development of products. With high-strength fasteners raising the level of the country's industrialization and technological progress, gradually increase usage.

Industry experts said that the domestic fastener enterprises of all sizes should look to the future, "iron", "aerospace", "highway", "airport" and other national key construction projects are as close to high-end enterprise provides an opportunity Boeing plans to add next 20 3400 aircraft, the NDRC to invest 80 billion yuan to build six urban rail transportation, according to the 36 plans to build the city's urban rail transit project planning, to 2020, urban rail transit new business mileage will reach 6560 km, rail fastening parts demand of 55-70 million. These large-scale projects will greatly enhance the high-strength fasteners, titanium fasteners and other high demand, cast off the "low end" label is not without possibility.

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