Eight categories ZWZ bearing replacement via standard adoption and acceptance

Recently, the Dalian Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision expert management practices based on international standards and the implementation details of the ZWZ production of deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and other eight categories 20,000 kinds of specifications adopted standard bearing products replacement acceptance. After a group of experts on product design and design documents, production conditions, product quality and standardization of enterprise management infrastructure work four aspects of inspections and checks, the company adopted a one eight categories of products bearing replacement standard adoption and acceptance.
Acceptance of the meeting, the group agreed that: Wazhou produce the required design, process, tooling, testing and other documents complete, correct, consistent, all aspects of production to ensure the organization of production according to international standards, product quality has reached a new international standard requirements . Standardization of enterprise management level in the promotion national AAAA level "standard of good conduct" on the basis has a new improved. The rate of adoption of international standards the company accounted for 99.9 percent of bearing products, bearing industry among the best in the country.
Standard adoption and acceptance of replacement pass is made ​​following the 2012 the first batch of enterprises in Liaoning Province standardization pilot demonstration units qualified units, the standardization work ZWZ made ​​another achievement, marking the company's standardization work has always stood in the forefront of the industry, maintaining benchmark role in bring benefits for the enterprise, but also to win the market and honor.