Development of railways, military bearing, short-term performance contributed hopeless

Major product profitability in the current case does not work, have the intention Northwest bearing bearing and military development of the railway market, but sales were not a substantial impact on its results.

Northwest bearing securities on behalf of August 1 pair agency said rail bearing the original one of its major products, the latter out of business due to various reasons, the current management of the Company wishes to re-introduce the railway bearing business, the originator of performance bearings.

However, the high Xiao Gang said, although the railway company bearing production technology, but has not passed the Ministry of Railways and other qualifications approved certification, granted a short time is difficult, railway bearings 2-3 years is difficult to develop.

In addition, the company mainly produces military market monitoring Shenzhou spacecraft orbit and parade vehicles bearing both the main part of the business to do the above two major military systems supporting sales is very small, very long periodicity, uncertainty coefficient, orders sometimes none.

Gao Xiao Gang said that although the two businesses is the development direction of the company, but the short term the main results contribute little to the current downturn in its main market, making this year to get rid of loss-making more difficult.

Northwest bearing financial officer in April, said the future development of the company's highlights will be a large, sophisticated, high-speed, high-performance special structure bearings, bearing the railway trucks, military bearing, cement machinery bearing development, vigorously develop national advocacy support emerging industries bearing market, cultivate new pillar products to broaden the company's product markets.