First half of the Japanese bearing trade basically stable

1 May 2013, the Japanese bearing imports 25.188 billion yen, an increase of 1.5%, of which ball bearings ¥ 13,673,000,000, an increase of 3.0%; Rolling imports 6.261 billion yen, down 18.0 percent; bearing units imported 6.99 billion yen, an increase of 22.0%; bearing parts imports 4.555 billion yen, an increase of 9.8%.

Japanese bearing companies in restructuring, changing marketing strategies, changes blindly attacking advance and retreat. Its strategic features are: implementing off, stop, and, turn, and optimized. Expand the advantages of product markets, shrinking weak market. General Bearing to high-volume, low-cost reorientation; many varieties of small quantities of bearing products to the cell reorientation. Japanese enterprises attach importance to product development, the economy without borders premise, based on the global development strategy. Has introduced its own specialty products business, according to the user's needs upfront investment made ​​before the host of new products to meet the requirements of the host, for which won the trust of consumers around the world.

Although the total production from the bearing and production systems perspective, China has become second only to Japan, the United States and Germany, the world's largest producer of bearings, but the product development capabilities, product quality and production scale, production of power between China and bearing phase than there is a big gap. Chinese enterprises should strengthen cooperation with Japanese companies, especially SMEs, and technical cooperation, the Japanese companies technical, financial and management strengths and our marketing, human resources combine the advantages, mutual benefit and common development.