How To Choose Imported Bearings.

Use a variety of equipment imported bearings, mechanical increasingly stringent requirements for imported bearings conditions required, performance is also more complex diverse. In order to allow everyone to quickly and efficiently from the structure, size, choose the most suitable bearings, bearing agents as we explain.
In the choice of the bearing, the first to seriously consider hardcover bearing equipment installation, removal and maintenance difficulty, bearing the operation, dimensions, and bearing market, etc., using the experience to select the bearing structure. Then according to the mechanical design life and bearing life determines the limits of good bearing size. To select a bearing, since only consider the bearing life, the grease from the grease life occurs aging, wear, noise, etc. also need to fully on. According to different purposes, it is necessary to select the right precision, clearance, cage structure, grease, etc. requirements for specially designed bearings. However, selecting the bearing and in no particular order, the rules should be considered is the priority of the bearing the required conditions, performance, most relevant issues, particularly practical.