SKF Bearing - Sound-Optimised Premium Components

The announcement is a further sign of XPart's commitment to developing its All-Makes range with high quality products from market leading, proprietary brand suppliers. In addition to distributing its all-makes parts via a nationwide network of wholesalers. XPart has also devised an all-makes programme, which allows franchise dealers to establish their own local factoring operation with minimal investment. The programme is designed to offer dealers a means of maximising the potential of their parts department, with a view to increasing their parts sales per customer. XPart supports dealers with range planning expertise, technical and marketing support.

Dealerships can take advantage of existing resource within their parts department, such as vans, staff and storage space, to supply a wider range of high quality parts to local customers, explains Godrich.This allows them to run a profitable factoring operation with new and existing local independents customers.

SKF provides the software to allow managers and maintenance engineers to input vital infrmation such as tasks, frequencies and job plans into the plant's central systems.