Pro West bearing industry accelerated transformation(1)

From the "one thousand machine sound, ten thousand as bearings," to the North China's largest trading market of the modern professional bearing, bearing World Pro West China not only to achieve the industry concentration, volume expansion, more so bearing the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading significantly speed .

Pro West bearing industry for over 40 years, despite a spontaneous formation of the trading market, but radiation and leading role is limited, there is a small scale industry, low-grade, low efficiency problem. Pro West accordance with the "production Singshih to the city to promote production" ideas built in China bearing World, quickly attracted more than 2,000 merchants settled, the annual turnover of billions of dollars in sales network radiation.

Professional market not only attracts a large number of dealers settled, also attracted Zhangjiagang AAA Group, Zhejiang universal money flows (000,559) and other famous bearing manufacturer. AAA Group, who Shenzheng Xian said in the past that they need to purchase the Pro West bearing parts, shipped to Zhangjiagang to produce products and then shipped back to the Pro West for sale. Now, in the Pro West plant eliminating the intermediate links, transportation costs and production costs significantly reduced. "Backed by the largest modern North bearing professional trading market, based on the most complete production chain bearing parts base, coupled with the full support of the local government in the Pro West plant big advantage." Chen Zhengxian said.