Bearing Steel Production Breakthrough

Panzhihua Steel Vanadium Billet casting machine bearing steel production process of a major breakthrough, a single continuous casting tundish furnace furnace reaches eight key indicators of well-controlled, so as to solve the difficult casting bearing steel casting, production ring true problem, so that the processes with the mass production of bearing steel capacity.

According to reports, bearing steel has "steel king" reputation, is representative of the level of iron and steel enterprise production technology iconic products. Starting in 2011, the Institute jointly developed with the Panzhihua vanadium sectional radius of 200mm × 200mm billet casting machine bearing steel production process technology.

Since vanadium steel steelmaking half particularity, coupled with the flow converter furnace caster machine does not match, resulting in the continuous casting process mold prone submerged nozzle clogging, single furnace continuous casting tundish number only four furnace so. To December 2012, using the process of bearing steel output produced only 4,000 tons. So, open up the radius of the billet caster bearing steel production process technology, developed to meet the needs of the market bearing steel to improve the field of Panzhihua Iron and Steel in excellent market image is imminent.

The first half of this year, the research group improved by improving the cleanliness of molten steel can be poured, as well as bold casting casting process improvements to improve the stability of the continuous casting process of casting, the successful implementation of the eight single-furnace continuous casting tundish and after rolling steel quality.