Bearings Support Barcelona Bridge

The bearing assembly comprises a spherical plain thrust bearing,used as the main pivot, complete with a steel fabricate housing for the bearing,including seals and attachments to couple with the hydraulic actuators.

"The surrounding structure can influence the behaviour of the bearing and so it is critical that the ion of the bearing is correct. 'Of course,the larger the bearing and the surrounding structure, the higher the project risk if the bearing ion is not taken seriously.'When sourcing bearings for these types of structures,architects need to consider various bearing design criteria,including load ratings,operational safety,the life rating of the bearing and the lifecycle cost of the bearing.

The bearing supplier can help the architect the most appropriate cost-effective bearing solution.

The bearings themselves should be maintenance-free if possible.

A bascule bridge has little time set aside for maintenance work to be carried out,particularly if the bridge is a major traffic route through a city and has to open and close several times a day to enable ships to pass through.